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Assets must be secured


Service must be simple


Product must be scalable

About Grabity

Grabity is a non-profit technology consortium established in 2018, develops various types of decentralized applications powered by cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to create a decentralized universe for developers where quality contributions earn reasonable distributions.

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Grabity DeFi

Boost your crypto assets regardless of blockchains



Warping means an interchain migration between two different mainnets in the Grabity Universe. Planet Wallet will support “Warp” to bridge ETH and BSC tokens, and GBT migration from ERC20 to BEP20 will be the first use-case of Warp.



Harvesting means an yield farming in DeFi protocols in the Grabity Universe. Planet Wallet will support “Harvest” of GBT tokens to increase a GBT liquidity and attract more users to Planet Wallet.



Docking means connecting to an external wallet in the Grabity Universe. Users will be able to connect their Planet Wallet to external wallets and participate in multiple DeFi protocols with their crypto assets in Planet Wallet.



Gateway means connecting your Planet Wallet to Grabity Universe and trade your crypto assets to different cryptocurrencies. Transaction fees occured from Gateway are payable by GBT and base cryptos.

Planet Wallet

Planet Wallet is a decentralized wallet developed by Grabity, which has a technical feature that the Planet Wallet can support various types of mainnets and a cultural feature that a user’s wallet becomes an unique planet and participates in the DeFi ecosystem by transferring user’s assets with other planet in the blockchain universe powered by GBT. In the Planet Wallet, a planet can use its own unique planet tag/name.


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